Instagram’s more recent boost in popularity has many businesses wondering if they should include the platform in their social media marketing strategy, but I understand their hesitation.  There are quite a few misconceptions about Instagram that keep many people from joining, but they are hurting their business by not utilizing the app.

Let me take care of 3 of the most common misconceptions I’ve found:

1. Instagram is just a visual platform.

Not true.  Yes, a lot of content is visual, but captions and written content is just as important.  The image is meant to be used as a hook, but the caption completes the entire picture. Think of your page as a virtual magazine layout of your products or services, and your captions discuss them in ways that will evoke engagement with your following.

For example: Along with an image of the newest arrivals in your inventory, write a caption describing a scene in which you imagine your products being included.  Instead of, “Come see what’s new,” say something like, “These dresses are so flowy yet stylish, they’re perfect for both day and date night. Where could you see yourself wearing one?”  With a good enough image to hook your audience, your caption should bring them in to engage with you.

2. Instagram is too new, and therefore, too unstable.

Nuh uh.  As I stated in a previous blog post (which you can read here), I get it.  Very few social media platforms have withstood the test of time, and we have observed the rise and fall of each, so it’s easy to feel hesitation about adding another platform that might not be around long enough for it to matter.  Let me just say, that’s not the case.

Instagram was first published in 2010, and its growth has been steady until its more recent boom in popularity.  Both big brands and small businesses have been using it very effectively as a marketing tool, and it’s only gotten better.  Instagram is centered more around community, and engagement is 12% higher than that of Facebook, so communicating with your audience has never been easier.

3. It’s not important for my business to be on Instagram.

Nope.  It is extremely important to be on Instagram right now!  The social media world is changing, causing digital marketing trends to shift, and if you want to stay in front of your target audience, you need to be flexible enough to shift too.  Instagram now has over 800 million global users, 500 million of whom are active daily, and the numbers continue to grow.

If you are unsure if your target market is even on Instagram, I can almost guarantee that it is.  According to statistics cultivated by the Omnicore Agency, 59% of Instagram users are within the 18-29 age range, and the second highest percentage at 33% is within 30-49.  If your target market is between 18 and 50, they’re on Instagram with no sign of leaving the platform behind.

Is your business on Instagram?  If so, how are you doing? Grab my free download: 4 Easy Tips to Enhance Your Exposure on Instagram to get some creative ideas on how to make Instagram work for you.  Download it HERE.


So, what’s a misconception that you’re holding onto that’s preventing you from utilizing Instagram in your social media marketing endeavors?  Is it one that I’ve touched on, or do you know of another? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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